MYCT provides courses and training for both Youth Leaders and those wishing to work within the field of Outdoor Education, including Recreation and Sport.
  • To develop an awareness of the range and scope of activities in the field of Outdoor Education.
  • To prepare and develop individuals for work within the Field of Outdoor Education.
  • To develop both teamwork and a sense of responsibility for others through the activities run at MYCT and contact with the various client groups and organisations.
  • To provide the necessary knowledge and skills to supervisory level in one or more of the disciplines on offer within the organisation.
  • To further develop skills and knowledge previously gained by assessing prior learning and using this information to prepare future training.
  • To offer training and, where appropriate, certification to NGB standard in First Aid, BELA and at least one other Outdoor Education discipline.
  • To encourage Trainees to develop self-confidence at instructor level by offering experience as a trainee member of the instructor team and by encouraging a high
  • level of professionalism from all personnel.
  • To offer suitably qualified Trainees a short-term placement at an external Outdoor Education agency in order to develop a wider experience.
  • To include an on-going ‘Job Search’ programme to assist the Trainee in the search for full-time employment/education.
The young adults attending our centre for training will undertake a structured programme of different learning modules, starting with basic training covering areas such as pioneering, map reading and first aid. These modules are designed to teach skills that enable the trainees to start working with our visiting groups, and are tied in to the AQA Unit Award Scheme, giving nationally recognised accreditation as they progress.
Alongside the basic training, we also start to teach other skills that are specific to the different activities that we run (archery, orienteering, abseiling etc.) and this allows the trainees to progress to the level of Assistant, then Lead Instructor and ultimately on to gaining National Governing Body qualifications such as Basic Expedition Leader (Sport England), Mountain Leader summer (MLTB) and Archery Leader (GNAS) etc. Our Lead Instructors are then able to set up and run sessions leading a team of trainees, allowing them to pass on their knowledge and skills to new entrants. The whole process of advancing from trainee to Lead Instructor is one of continual development – not only in skills, but in self – empowerment and is a richly rewarding experience for many.
What do our volunteers say about our training?
“I came to MYCT for work experience and I’m glad I came back as a volunteer. I am still developing confidence but have now realised my career aspirations. I would like to thank MYCT for helping me decide my future.”
“From my time at MYCT I have been inspired to become a positive influence on young people’s lives. Through my training I received I was able to forge an amazing career in outdoor education with PGL. I am now working as a youth worker and training to be a teacher, all thanks to MYCT.”
“As a ex-member of the team my thanks go to Bill, Jeff and the team for all their help in getting me back into full time education and back on my feet. The training that I received was the best and I can’t wait to get back as a team player to help with the groups. See you all soon.”